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History buffs often rely on written testimonials and a keen imagination to make historically significant stories come alive.  For many, history exists only on the pages of books or in film, and a visit to an actual historical site isn’t possible or hasn’t been pursued. For those considering a Maine vacation or trip excursions to other New England states this summer, a visit to a significant spot in our country’s history is a near certainty, even for those who don’t mean to visit them at all!  For those who do, Maine is chock full of rich history that can come to life with a bit of research and a visit to the right place.

Maine was part of Massachusetts during the Revolutionary War. One of General George Washington’s most valued and trusted confidants at the time of the war was Benedict Arnold. Before his name would become synonymous with “traitor” Arnold was an important figure in the war. One of the many stories linked to his experiences is his trek through Maine to Quebec, where he intended to affect a siege on the Canadians and hopefully win the war against the British. Much of the land Arnold traversed can be visited today, and much of it is still as difficult to meander through as it was then. Arnold and his ragged troops went from Fort Popham up the Kennebec River on their way to the forests of what is now Northern Maine and into Canada. His efforts weren’t met with success, but the trek is an important piece of our country’s history and our journey to independence.

If you are looking for a way to blend your interest in history into a relaxing Maine family resort, consider a visit to Fort Popham. A lovely place to stay while satisfying your history craving is the Sebasco Harbor Resort.


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